First formed in 1961 in a local farmer’s field, The Josephburg Riding Club (JRC) prides itself in being a very family-oriented organization with emphasis on having fun and riding safely at the events, and often serves families that have three generations riding at the gymkhanas at the same time, with riders as young as 2 years old and others into their 60’s and beyond.  The club’s primary activity is to organize and produce gymkhana events for its members and guest riders, but it also works to encourage positive horsemanship and sportsmanship, proper equine husbandry and management, and youth involvement in the agricultural and equestrian communities.

The membership fee is $65 for a family and $45 for a single individual.  This fee covers all gymkhanas and includes an annual membership with The Josephburg Agricultural Society.  Guest riders may participate in a single gymkhana for a fee of $10 / person.  Some activities , such as clinics or The Versatility Challenge, may have additional fees, but these events are optional.

As an affiliate member of the Edmonton Gymkhana Association, JRC follows all EGA Rules.  Rule Books are available at any JRC event, and members are always happy to help new participants understand the patterns, however, the basics that you will need to know your first time out include:

  • Western attire (riding pants, western shirt) is mandatory
  • All riders under 18 years of age must wear an ASTM approved helmet while mounted anywhere on the grounds
  • All riders must wear a cowboy hat or helmet, and will incur a time penalty if the hat / helmet is lost during the pattern
  • Boots with a minimum heel of 5/8" are required

JRC members who wish to compete for the opportunity to qualify for EGA Finals must ride in a minimum of 3 gymkhanas and pay a recording fee of $3 per gymkhana.